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Tips From A Horse -- Enjoy!

Here is a hint for building confidence in your horse.  This is Joseph Newcomb who posts lots of free videos on his channel on Youtube.

This is a little video I made for a friend who was having temperament problems with a new horse.  It is the simple groundwork that I do with my horse everytime before I I ride.  It was taught to me by Sabine Kallas when I was working with her in a clinic and she could see that my horse was very disrespectful on the ground and with me in the saddle.  Maybe it would help you get the respect you need to accomplish your goals.

Here is the presentation that was given at the May 1, 2018 Meeting by Lou Kennedy, called: Building the Back of Your Horse.  Click on the Button below to read the complete presentation with handout illustrations and links to watch the videos on Youtube.

Dressage Button Braids

Here's the way our member, Megan Tashash does dressage button braids!

9 Saddle Fitting Videos from Jochen Schleese

Click on each step to learn a lot about saddle fit!

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